Airborne at last!

Two and a half years ago, it appeared that missionary aviation had already become a reality in Far East Russia.  However, contrary to expectations, operations stalled.  Why?The annual certification had…

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Unreached Arabs

This is an SGA Project70 missionary’s account  (Names in this article have been changed!) In one of the most remote places in Tajikistan, is a settlement of Arab people.  There is…

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Help for the Needy!

Moldova has been particularly affected by the pandemic.  On top of this are the effects of a serious drought that engulfed parts of the country during last summer.  Sadly, most…

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Ministry Evaluation
The word "Values" written in dirty vintage letterpress type on a aged wooden background.

Ministry Evaluation

The present Covid-19 pandemic and its profoundly severe consequences has prompted many to re-evaluate and re-adjust their lives and Christian service. The wise individual will initiate necessary changes in order…

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