Mongolia Calls!

Mongolia Calls!

Mongolia, a nation bordered by China and Russia, is the latest expansion initiative for SGA with their Partners in Mission, Bibel Mission. It is known for its vast, rugged landscapes and nomadic culture. In the population of slightly over 3 million, Buddhism is the major religion, while Islam is the second-largest, concentrated among ethnic Kazakhs.

However, non-religious people make up a large proportion of the population while, according to The Joshua Project, only 0.9% are evangelical believers. Out of the 28 people groups, 22 are classified as unreached.

Together with Bibel Mission, SGA has been confronted with the great spiritual needs of Mongolia. While it has been difficult to explore possible projects and ministries due to current travel restrictions, the following are propositions which will hopefully be initiated:

  • The preparation and distribution of God’s Word to both adults and children.
  • The erection of the first Yurtas (Mongolian tent) Hope Centre to minister to children and families. Plans are in place for its erection this year.

In addition to these two main ministry areas, there are two others for consideration which will require more research.

  • Provision of Bible training for workers in the churches of Mongolia.
  • Construction of Houses of Prayer


Recently we have been focusing on the Apostle Paul’s request to the Colossian church to pray that God would open doors of opportunity for the Gospel. Today there is still the Macedonian call and God is still opening doors! However, as we know from the book of Acts and from church history, when the Gospel crosses a new frontier there is very often opposition.

Will you join us as we seek to move forward with our partners in mission on the Frontlines?