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the beginning

We praise God for His blessing upon our 70th Anniversary Project to send seventy new workers into His harvest field.
However, the project must not be seen as an end in itself! We must think of it rather, as ‘the end of the beginning’! For the challenge to evangelize the lost, to edify believers, and to expand the witness further and further into unreached communities is one which is ongoing. It will not end until Jesus returns.

seeking the lost

Through the generosity of our prayer partners SGA has the immense privilege of supporting men sent by the Lord into spiritually dark communities, to preach the Gospel of Light and Life in Jesus.  God has blessed those evangelistic efforts in the salvation of men, women and young people.

The main direction of my life is to evangelize villages of the Amur region … the purpose of this work is to establish churches in towns and villages, so that each resident has the opportunity to find a personal relationship with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.”

Artyom Zemlyanov



new churches

New believers are being gathered in Christ-centred, Bible believing churches, and there they are being instructed and edified through the teaching of God’s Word. Encouraged by dedicated church leaders, they are learning what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ, and are responding with genuine commitment, often living out their faith in adverse and even dangerous circumstances. Furthermore, many are being prepared and equipped as future leaders and workers in the church. This opens up exciting possibilities for the future.

The Lord has blessed our ministry … This church is growing, and the increase is solely by the indigenous Tajik people. There are new converts who come to know the Lord and new Christian families are starting to form.”

Sobir Ermatov


planning for

the future

It is thrilling to read the reports of our missionaries and the churches they serve, and see their consuming desire to expand their ministry and witness – to reach out further into areas and communities where there is no permanent Gospel light. Gifted believers are trained and mentored with the aim of becoming future evangelists and church planters. The vision is not merely for one new church in one new area. Rather it is of many churches planted by many new dedicated workers. Such a large vision is desperately needed. Wherever one travels in Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and Far East Russia, there are places which are still essentially in spiritual darkness, not only vast rural areas with scattered village communities, but great cities and towns blighted by false religion or no religion at all.

God has sent us to plant a church, communities, and more churches by gaining, making, building and sending disciples of Christ.”

Ervin Mittlemann


Project 70 is not merely about God’s blessing in the past, nor is it limited to our 70th year of ministry.

It is about the future – the ongoing evangelism of the lost, the edification of Jesus’s disciples, and the continuing expansion of the ministry of the Gospel, to establish permanent centres of spiritual life and light – churches of Jesus Christ – where none have been before. We praise God for what has already been done but we ask you to join us as we build for the future.

the support


We need your help to send more Gospel workers so that those without Christ will hear the Good News of salvation in Him.

Individual partners are asked to commit to at least £15 per month for a period of 2 years or donate a one-off gift.

Typically, SGA offers support to the amount of £170 per month (£2,040 p.a.). Partners will receive reports from the field from those they sponsor.

Churches, groups or individuals may wish to provide full sponsorship.

Will you commit to pray?

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