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the Lost

The Need

Our 70th anniversary project is driven by the desire to bring the Gospel to those who have never heard.

Hundreds of millions in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Far East Russia are in spiritual darkness, living without the hope that is found in Jesus Christ. Help us to send 70 dedicated national workers into this vast mission field.

The Men

Oleg Gerasichkin


Oleg is part of a church planting team reaching out to an economically deprived people group in west Ukraine. He is the only evangelical witness in a town of 8,000 people within a region targeted by the cults.

Grigorly Andreyanov

Far East Russia

Grigorly is a pastor and church planter. He serves in a ‘mother church’ and also four church planting situations. The work faces many practical and spiritual challenges. He rejoices in answered prayers and spiritual growth.

Ervin Mittelmann


Ervin serves as a pastor in the second largest city in Slovakia. 240,000 people live in Kosice but evangelicals only make up 0.4% of the population. Ervin’s vision is to plant more churches in Kosice and beyond.

Ivan Dshanburshinov


Ivan ministers as a pastor near Almaty. The church has 20 members of different ages. He is also involved in camps, and ‘Glasses’ ministry. The church has just built a Hope Centre for  hosting a variety of ministries throughout the week.

Eastern Europe

On our doorstep in Eastern Europe there is a largely neglected mission field.

30 years after the fall of Communism, only a tiny minority have the opportunity to hear the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. Countries like Poland, Serbia and Northern Macedonia have a minimal evangelical witness. In all of Eastern Europe, a combination of traditional empty religion and modern day secular humanism have left many
in spiritual darkness. While these countries may have made economic advances over the last 30 years, they remain in great spiritual need.

These advances from one perspective, are positive and to be welcomed, but sadly, from a spiritual perspective they produce a materialistic mindset and continued alienation from God. More Gospel workers are needed to bring the message of salvation to those who are lost.

Central Asia

The spiritual context is very different from Eastern Europe. Ethnic Kazakhs, Tajiks, Uzbeks etc. are mainly Muslim but, in many areas, this is syncretized with forms of folk religion. Christians can face varying degrees of opposition from civil authorities. Nevertheless, the Church has known growth and needs help as it makes Christ known to its Muslim neighbours.

Far East Russia

Russian Orthodoxy is the official religion, but many practise shamanism and folk religion. The absence of any kind of infrastructure in many regions, the lack of the usual means of communication, and the complexity of ethnic divisions makes this a difficult area to evangelize. Yet, there are men who feel called of God to ‘go and make disciples’ in this challenging place.

Please help us bring the hope of the Gospel to these dark and needy parts of the world!

the support


We need your help to send more Gospel workers so that those without Christ will hear the Good News of salvation in Him.

Individual partners are asked to commit to at least £15 per month for a period of 2 years or donate a one-off gift.

Typically, SGA offers support to the amount of £170 per month (£2,040 p.a.). Partners will receive reports from the field from those they sponsor.

Churches, groups or individuals may wish to provide full sponsorship.

Will you commit to pray?

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