Scripture Quoted in Russian Court
Soldiers of Russian Guard with plastic helmets stand in a cordon on the memory March of Boris Nemtsov. They do not allow demonstrators to go beyond the fence

Scripture Quoted in Russian Court

‘Russian opposition leader quotes Sermon on the Mount in court as prison appeal is rejected. Former atheist Alexei Navalny says new faith helps him face challenges.’ This is how ‘The…

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Amazing Developments!
Delivery guy with protective mask holding box with groceries during the days of pandemic and isolation quarantine.

Amazing Developments!

The challenges brought by COVID 19 are many.  In East Ukraine Coronavirus is a serious, unwelcome burden on the lives of those still caught up in a bitter 7-year conflict.…

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A Virtual First

SGA Autumn conferences are a highlight of the SGA year but no-one could have foreseen the disruptive effects of Covid-19 upon our 70th Anniversary celebrations. It was impossible to hold…

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Airborne at last!

Two and a half years ago, it appeared that missionary aviation had already become a reality in Far East Russia.  However, contrary to expectations, operations stalled.  Why?The annual certification had…

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Unreached Arabs

This is an SGA Project70 missionary’s account  (Names in this article have been changed!) In one of the most remote places in Tajikistan, is a settlement of Arab people.  There is…

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