There is Still Hope!

There is Still Hope!

‘In this difficult time, Europe and Russia have forgotten about Moldova; only believers still remember and care about us.’

This is how one mayor expressed her deep appreciation of the help provided through SGA’s Widows’ Project. Peter Mihalchiuk, SGA’s Regional Coordinator, shares how he and his team had a meeting with widows in the village of Ishkalev, where a former student from the mission school serves, with his wife Lyudmila.

The meeting was organized jointly with the mayor’s office and took place in the village community hall. Two meetings were convened with more than 80 widows present. Only a few of them were believers. 

A group from Peter’s church sang a few songs, after which Peter shared from God’s Word, and his testimony of how his father died when he was only 9 days old. His widowed mother experienced the wonderful care of the Lord after she committed her life to Him. 

Everyone listened with great interest and with tears in their eyes. They were in no hurry to leave and asked many questions. All who attended received bags of food. The Mayor later went on to say: ‘As long as there are people who love us, we still have hope’. 

She asked Peter to convey her gratitude to all who donated funds for this great project.  Similar meetings were held in other villages and towns. 

Praise God that several hundred widows have received assistance in Moldova, and the programme continues!