The Forgotten Remembered!

The Forgotten Remembered!

The elderly and vulnerable disabled are often marginalized and have a very lowly status in society, forgotten by many.  Yet these people can offer the opportunity for carers to become channels of God’s love and care, to change perceptions and share the truth of the Gospel.  This is exactly what has happened through ‘Tabita House of Mercy’ in Yabloana, Moldova

Twenty-one years ago, with the support of SGA, the ‘Tabita House of Mercy’ opened in Moldova. The concept of caring for people in a purpose-built centre was foreign to Moldovan culture and society. Nevertheless, this care home was established, and more than four hundred people have found shelter there over the years. 

Currently there are forty-eight elderly and disabled residents. The staff consists of nurses who offer loving care, doctors offering medical assistance, cooks providing delicious meals and house staff keeping the place clean and comfortable. 

Activities include listening to Christian music and sermons, watching broadcasts of church services, and visiting churches which conduct services in the care home.

Tabita, House of Mercy
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Recently, Timothy Gramma, director of Tabita House of Mercy, expressed his appreciation for financial help for heating.

‘Your help was purposefully used for the purchase of firewood for heating. On average it takes £4000 to keep the House of Mercy warm during the winter season and your contribution helped us a lot.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for your care and help! We are grateful for the funds you lovingly sacrificed to those who needed warmth and comfort.

May God bless you for your good deeds and reward you all according to your needs. Thank you for your kind and open heart!

 Proverbs 22:9’

SGA also provided financial help to purchase a bus for the centre. 

Pray that God will grant the staff patience and love for the elderly, and that the residents will all come to faith in Christ.