Moldova Needs Help!

Moldova Needs Help!

Sadly, coronavirus is rampant in communities across Moldova, claiming the lives of many, among whom are pastors and church leaders

At the time of writing, news has come through about a graduate from Balti Mission School who is very ill with Covid-19.  As mentioned in a previous Inside Story, government-led treatments and vaccinations are a long way off for Moldovans. 

Our partners shared how the SGA-sponsored medical teams in Moldova and Ukraine help patients with Covid-19. Due to lack of hospital spaces most of the sick are treated at home. Only people in serious condition are admitted to hospital. 

The main problem is testing. Even though a person has medical insurance, free testing is not prescribed until they are hospitalized. The cost of one test is very expensive for an average resident of Moldova – about 40 euros.  The other problem is that there is no free medication, and some is quite expensive.

Medical Team

A medical centre operates at a large evangelical church in Balti where SGA-funded medical teams see patients. Unfortunately, it was reported recently that the supply of medicines for winter fevers and Covid-19 was greatly depleted at the church centre.

The doctors can only give prescriptions, but not all patients can afford to buy the medication at the pharmacy. The situation is the same in Ukraine where our team also works.

According to the doctors, they need Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Antibiotics, Antiviral drugs, and Medicines for blood thinning.

Our teams point out that for many people it is a matter of life or death. They simply cannot buy the drugs they need. Help that comes from the state seldom ever reaches the common people.

Through your generous support SGA has been able to increase funds for the Christian medical teams who are carrying out an amazing ministry.