Reaching Uyghur Muslims!

Reaching Uyghur Muslims!

Several MPs and Peers in parliament have highlighted the extensive evidence that many women in the Uyghur Muslim community in Xinjiang, China are being subjected to forced abortions. 

‘Right to Life’ News reports that Lord Alton is currently championing an amendment to the Trade Bill. 

‘This would help put international pressure on the Chinese government to stop such practices along with wider human rights abuses.’

While the vast majority of the twelve million Uyghur live in Western China, a significant number live in south east Kazakhstan. They are largely unreached people who need to hear the Gospel. 

Overwhelmingly Muslim, only 0.01% Uyghur are Christian and even fewer are evangelical believers. 

SGA sponsored missionary pastor Nikolai, with his wife Olga and four children, is serving God 80km from the Chinese border. To be able to communicate effectively Nikolai needs to master the Uyghur language. Pray that he will be successful. 

Unsuccessful attempts have been made in the past to establish an evangelical church, and Nikolai is focusing on ‘building bridges’ with the suspicious Uyghur community, through a Hope Centre.  This building was erected and opened in 2019. Here people are able to come to wash or cook and dysfunctional families can receive help. A prayer room for believers to worship is part of the Hope Centre. 

There have been some encouragements. A small Bible study has been established with folk meeting regularly to study God’s Word.

The Hope Centre is the first and only Prayer Room in the entire area, but we pray it is just the beginning of God’s story with ‘forgotten Uyghur’ in south east Kazakhstan.