Tensions Rise!

Tensions Rise!

Media reported that ‘Russia has warned Nato against sending any troops to help Ukraine, amid reports of a large Russian military build-up on its borders’.  They point out that ‘US forces in Europe are now on higher alert, citing “escalations of Russian aggression” in the area’. 

SGA’s long-standing friend and partner in ministry, Pastor Igor Bandura, writes:

‘This week we are seeing a large escalation of military forces around Ukraine. This is happening near the Ukrainian borders.’

While tensions are high and unrest continues in this region, God is working through His people.  Only God can bring life, peace and joy while the enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy.

The following account outlines how God is working:

‘We heard once again that humanitarian projects aimed to help needy people have a tremendous impact not only on them, but everyone around.  Their attitude towards our churches has noticeably changed over the last few years and by reaching new people we acquire the opportunity to start new home Bible study groups in settlements where there were no churches before.

God continues to open doors of opportunity for churches to reach the hearts of local people. Brothers also travel to neighbouring villages where people gather with a desire to listen to the Word of God and to pray.

We are very grateful to the Lord that we are never alone. We see and know that our brothers and sisters from other countries also do care for these people and are always with us! God bless each one of you!’ 

Pray that during these times of increased tension and threats, that the life, peace and joy that believers have will be revealed to troubled, anxious people who have no hope without God. 

Pray that the 12 SGA-sponsored Project70 missionaries will be able to preach the Word and bring comfort to those who are troubled and sorrowing.