Reaching The Next Generation!

Reaching The Next Generation!

SGA sponsored summer camps provide a lot of fun and adventure for the children who attend, many of whom come from difficult and disturbed backgrounds. However, they are much more than just fun!

For many of these children it is a rare opportunity for them to experience a sense of security and genuine Christian love being demonstrated by all who lead the camps. They receive regular meals and have a great range of activities that normally they may seldom experience.

Above all there is the opportunity to hear the Gospel. They are more than physically and emotionally ministered to – they are spiritually challenged, strengthened, and invigorated to live for and serve the living God.

It is through your generous support that we can help churches in several countries provide these opportunities for their children.

The majority of citizens in Moldova are unemployed with little or no chance of finding a job in their country. More than 30% of young people move abroad looking for the means to support themselves and their families.

In most cases it is impossible for them to bring their children with them, so people must make the hard decision between raising and parenting their children, or providing for them financially. Children are usually left with their grandparents or even friends and neighbours.

Sadly, people who oversee the children are often heavy drinkers or live below the poverty line.  Some parents give up on their families, abandon their children and never return. As a result, many children in Moldova, especially in smaller villages, grow up not knowing genuine parental love and care. These could be considered ‘social orphans’.

Day Camps

 SGA’s Regional Coordinator, Pastor Peter Mihalchiuk, and SGA sponsored missionaries consider Day Camps as a great opportunity to share the love of God.

Yuri Bostan, an SGA missionary pastor responsible for several churches in different villages, shares his experience:

“Several years ago, a mission from the EU helped us to do a day camp, and kids were so happy! But later that mission stopped supporting us, and every summer since then children in my village have been asking me questions about it. They all wait for the camp, some of them even pray about it.

Once we were also able to make a day camp in another village called Balkautsy, where there is no church at all, but we have had over 40 children all from the families of unbelievers. Unfortunately, we do not have an opportunity to do day camp anymore, because we lack financial support, and the equipment, food and transportation cost more than our small church can provide.”

SGA’s goal is to make it possible for thousands of children to attend Christian Summer camps during this summer!