Power in Persecution – Central Asia

Power in Persecution – Central Asia

Radio was one of the earliest ‘channels’ of outreach used by SGA, especially during the 50 years of Communism, when it was difficult to enter many countries. Radio enables the Gospel to reach places where missionaries sometimes cannot go, making it a ‘Mission without Walls’. Radio is still popular today, especially in Central Asia where less than 20% of people have access to the internet.

Since 2017 SGA has partnered with TWR, sponsoring a series of 52 programmes entitled ‘Power in Persecution’. The Mission is also funding the supply of radios, and SD cards pre-programmed with evangelistic material and Christian music.

Most of the radio audience are living in villages and small towns, so radio broadcasting offers valuable opportunities to reach these listeners. Currently, the programmes are sent out on medium wave by the transmitters.

Also, for people living in large urbans areas where internet connection is more stable, apps for Android and iOS smartphones are proving to be a great means of sharing God’s Word. If the people have no internet or radio coverage, programmes are still available through special CDs, SD cards and radio receivers with pre-recorded programmes.

Feedback from Listeners:

‘Hello dear brothers and sisters, children of God who are in charge of radio broadcasts! I want to thank you again for your work that you are doing before the Lord. You know, sometimes when it is impossible to read the Bible, or when you simply want to be alone, I just listen to your programmes, and through such programmes as “Power in Persecution” we obtain spiritual strength.’
‘Hello brothers…. my brother-in-law heard your programmes…. he called me and said that he also wanted to accept Christ and repent. Now we want to distribute your radio receivers with SD cards even more. I am very glad that God works like this. May God lift you up even more.’

Praise God for this wonderful means of reaching people with God’s Word!

Pray that SGA will be able to fund hundreds of radios and SD cards!