Bringing the Gospel to Yakutia!

Bringing the Gospel to Yakutia!

Some people call it fate, others call it providence or even chance. Most of us have experienced such times in our lives when events take place which seem more than just coincidence or random change. The events harmonize and come together to move us in an unexpected direction.

Michail, a faithful SGA-sponsored missionary pastor in the remote region of Yakutia, Far East Russia, writes:

‘We really appreciate your material and prayer support, to travel to remote places and tell people- pagans – about Christ. We make arrangements in advance with the local authorities about the upcoming trip due to the pandemic. When we arrive, we go from door to door to distribute food to the needy and poor families with many children. Sometimes the heads of administration ask us if we are from a sect. Then we show them documents and tell them about God.”

Apart from the pandemic and the resulting hardship, these authorities would not have heard the Gospel from these faithful believers. But due to the need to provide aid to those in their villages, the door has been opened by God through His leading.

In one of the houses visited by Michail was a man named Ruslan who confessed that he knew about Jesus from a believing neighbour who had shared her faith. When Michail got to talking with him, he discovered that he had a desire to repent and believe in Jesus, and he did so with tears in his eyes.

God clearly was working all the events together for His purpose. Some took place over a long period of time, others more recent, but God worked all together to bring this man to his knees before Him.