Helping Widows in Vrsac, Serbia

Helping Widows in Vrsac, Serbia

With funding from SGA, local believers in many countries were able to deliver essential food, hygiene items, medicines and firewood to those widows known by them to be in dire need. As well as supporting believing widows we can praise God that by experiencing such genuine love and care many non-believing widows have become interested in the Gospel.

Vesna, an unbeliever, said ‘It is so nice to have gifts in front of me as help for people like me. Thank you, good people who made this possible. I understand you are good because you are sincere believers in Christ. I wish He will give you all the best!’ 

Nela, another unbeliever, wrote ‘I humbly receive your gift as help in the right time. Thank you so very much. When I felt a bit depressed, I was visited by good people who brought me gifts in food, hygienic items, and when I asked about medicine, they went and provided them for me. A joy with hope came to my heart!’

Maria, a believer, exclaimed ‘It’s another winter in which I’m receiving help from my brothers and sisters from the UK. Your help makes me smile, seeing in it God’s provision for those who trust Him, and have in Him such a beautiful family! Thank you, a lot, and may our God in Christ also fulfil all of your needs. God bless you!’

Through your generous donations SGA Widows’ Project fund was increased by 80%.  This resulted in many more widows receiving vital help. Thank you on their behalf!