Miracles in Central Asia!

Miracles in Central Asia!

In a ‘faith resistant’ country of Central Asia God is working miracles, as SGA sponsored missionaries faithfully share the Gospel. SGA’s Project70 has developed beyond our expectations as God has done ‘exceedingly abundantly’ above our expectations.

Recently six new converts were baptized in the southern part of the country. They were all converted from Islam. One of them, a lady, is the daughter of an Imam in the local mosque. She had been a devout Muslim for a long time, but the Word of God touched her heart, and she believed and decided to follow Christ with all of her life.

Among those who were baptized was a young man. An SGA missionary had been working with him for a number of years. His family is very negative about him becoming a Christian. His father and brother beat him up a few times because he converted to Christianity, but he has persevered and remained strong. He knows that he must go through it for the sake of Christ. He studies at college and is already working as a teacher in a Russian school.

Our missionary described him as ‘a very kind-hearted man. He is also very reliable. I hope he will one day become a minister in the church. He needs a lot of prayer.

Power in God’s Word!

God is revealing Himself through His Word.  An SGA sponsored missionary reports of how God has been working in his country. 

‘Sixty-five kilometers from my home there is a married couple. They had been coming to church for a long time. They listened to the Word of God and asked a lot of questions. They were very surprised that I had been a singer in the mosque and became a Christian.

Eventually, they started reading the Bible for themselves, and the Word of God made an impact on them. The wife was the first to believe, and then her husband followed her. After the wife came to know Christ, she told her father and her brother about Christ. As a result, the father and the brother have started to come to church.’ 

Praise God for His workings in Central Asia.

Pray for this country where, through your support, SGA is sponsoring 12 missionary families a total of 30 missionary families in Central Asia.