Amazing Opportunity!

Amazing Opportunity!

God is opening doors of Gospel opportunity in places that seemed impossible! 

Our Partners in Mission recently shared how churches in Uzbekistan are longing for children to get to know about God. 

According to statistics from Open Doors Uzbekistan has now moved from 19th to 21st place in the world of most persecuted places. For Christians this means that some restrictions are slowly being eased. 

Christian camps for children have been banned in Uzbekistan since 2008. Courageously and creatively, the churches carried out small-scale activities so that children could still hear about Jesus but they have longed for and prayed about residential camps.

Even Muslim parents are not opposed to the children coming to the camps. They see the change in their children, and some of them have come to church themselves. The children are already waiting for the summer and are looking forward to their free time. 

Praise God that a Christian centre which can accommodate 80 children can officially operate. The leaders have requested prayer for the camps during this summer, and thank God that He is opening doors in the country so that children can hear about Jesus!