Unreached Arabs

Unreached Arabs

This is an SGA Project70 missionary’s account  (Names in this article have been changed!)

In one of the most remote places in Tajikistan, is a settlement of Arab people.  There is no church and no group of believers.  We made a long journey there, because God had clearly told us to gothrough a man called Yasha who attended our church.

Yasha insistently invited us to visit his home village. Our group of brothers went to these people forgotten by almost all, but not by God.

God opened doors for us to share the Gospel.  We met Yasha’s wife, mother and children. Yasha invited 10 of his relatives and friends, and we spoke to them of Jesus. All listened carefully and asked questions. His mother responded and repented. Yasha declared: “I want my house to become a House of Prayer for all nations!”  More was to follow!

Tajikistan Countryside
A typical Tajikistan settlement

We met Aabid who had come to faith by watching Christian TV programmes in the Iranian language. Knowing of no other Christians around him, he baptized himself, and then his wife. Yasha and Aabid lived in the same settlement, but they were not aware of each other’s search for Christ. Aabid did not have a Bible. We gave him one and he held it tight, thanking us repeatedly.

Two families meet today and a few more interested in the Gospel, eight adults and about ten children altogether. A brother from our church visits monthly to teach God’s Word.

Yasha made a room in his house available for the meetings – the first and only Prayer Room in the entire area, but we pray it is just the beginning of God’s story with ‘forgotten Arabs’ in Tajikistan.

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