The Times They Are A’changing

The Times They Are A’changing

The need for good Christian literature remains acute in former Communist countries and it remains one of SGA’s core ministries.

In North Macedonia the need for good Christian books is particularly acute.

Ivan Grozdanov, a retired professor of Chemistry has been a prolific author, not only in the area of science and the Bible, but on the fundamental truths of Scripture and the Gospel.

He produced the 12 Pillars of the Christian Faith, a series of books greatly used both to introduce unbelievers to the faith and establish young believers in biblical truth. These were mainly for teacher-led group study.

Aimed more at individual or small discussion group study, was a follow-up series based on ‘12 Pillars’, covering core topics such as: The Truth about the Bible, God, Man, Sin, Jesus Christ, Salvation, and other core truths. 

The books rely heavily on Biblical quotations and references.  This series has been promoted on social media and consequently more than 160 unbelievers have requested books.

The response of those studying the books has been positive and it is clear from feedback that readers are engaging seriously with the material. Ivan comments that this seems a very appropriate way to evangelize today’s Macedonians since they resist being told what to believe and prefer to discover truth for themselves.

Facts on Religion

Eastern orthodox 69%

Islam 28%

Christians 0.17%

Pray that Macedonians will come to understand the Truth through these booklets and be truly converted.