The Forgotten War Victims!

The Forgotten War Victims!

It is the seventh year of the war which at times subsides a little and then flares up with renewed vigour producing the spirit of unforgiveness, hopelessness and disbelief. Economic devastation, social issues and disorder became the main factors that determine life in Donbass today.

Millions of people have left the Donetsk and Lugansk areas in a search of peaceful and stable life, while those who stayed simply did not have the opportunity to leave. It is to these people that aid has been directed for the last six years.

Our partners pointed out that ‘people valued the project a lot, and they notice the dedication and are thankful for consistency – over 80% of humanitarian organizations have closed their aid programmes by now.’  

Ukrainian churches are serving their people by providing food, medicine, warm clothing, heaters, electric kettles, cookers, and other practical helps. SGA has helped to fund such initiatives, and people’s physical needs are being addressed.

Gifts of Kettles & Stoves
Younger Widows

Although the project took longer than expected due to Covid-19 restrictions and many brothers recovering from the virus, every item was used in the most effective way possible. The project was held in the so called “Red zone”, close to the war confrontation line. Here is how one recipient expressed her appreciation.

‘I am Tatiana Zhurman, and I want to express my deepest gratitude to Slavic Gospel Association of United Kingdom for the aid provided. When my husband and I were left with nothing (lost house and all belongings), and thought our life is over… God sent brothers and sisters to support us in many ways: they provided us clothes and footwear. Now we have something to cook on (electric stove), electric kettle and the package with many tasty things to eat. Thank you!!!’

Even more encouragingly, God has used this practical ministry to break down prejudices and extend His Kingdom. Our ‘Partner in Mission’, Pastor Andrey outlines the blessings of this project to the ‘Forgotten War Victims’.

‘Thanks to the projects, we got to know more people in the nearby villages and began to develop trusting relationships and win some of them for Jesus. Over time this led to home Bible studies. People are accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour; their lives begin to change, and they are influencing the lives of people around.’

Continue to remember this practical ministry in Eastern Ukraine and pray that it will continue to be used by God to relieve physical need and to bring spiritual blessing in Salvation.