Scripture Quoted in Russian Court

Scripture Quoted in Russian Court

Russian opposition leader quotes Sermon on the Mount in court as prison appeal is rejected. Former atheist Alexei Navalny says new faith helps him face challenges.’

This is how ‘The Christian Post’ contributor Emily Wood reported proceedings in a Moscow City Court

Navalny, was arrested on 17th January following his return to Russia after recovering at a Berlin hospital from a near-fatal nerve agent poisoning. Navalny, who is known by some as “the man Vladimir Putin fears most,” reportedly told the court that he was once an atheist, but now his belief in God helps him face his challenges.

In his closing statement before the sentencing, Navalny reportedly quoted the words of Jesus from the Sermon on the Mount and said he believes those who hunger and thirst after righteousness are blessed.

“Even though our country is built on injustice and we all constantly face injustice … we also see that millions of people, tens of millions of people, want righteousness,” Navalny was quoted as saying. “They want the righteousness and sooner or later they will have it.”

Seven time zones eastward from Moscow where the court proceedings took place, you will reach Far East Russia where SGA supporters are sponsoring 11 missionary families. Amid paganism and shamanism, we long to see righteousness reigning and the people of this vast territory hungering and thirsting after righteousness!

We trust that the two missionary aeroplanes which are now in operation will speed up the task of reaching the many isolated communities with the Gospel of God’s saving grace, and that His righteousness that exalts or lifts up a nation will be made known!