Project70 reaches Uzbekistan

Project70 reaches Uzbekistan

The following concerns a brother serving in the faith-restricted country of Uzbekistan, Central Asia, supported through SGA’s 70th Anniversary Project. He is married with four young children and is pastor of a house church in his community.

The church group consists of indigenous people, Uzbeks and Tajiks, traditionally viewed as Muslim. The government does not allow such indigenous Christian groups, so the church is ‘unregistered’.

This brother writes: It is not safe for us to have a big building and gather there. We have small home groups in three locations. Our vision is to start more home groups in each region of our big country.

Pray for him. He has been asked to be the Co-ordinator of Christian house churches in his country.

Pray that SGA’s five Project70 missionaries and families in Uzbekistan will be kept safe and be used by God in their pioneering work.