Ministry Evaluation

Ministry Evaluation

The present Covid-19 pandemic and its profoundly severe consequences has prompted many to re-evaluate and re-adjust their lives and Christian service.

The wise individual will initiate necessary changes in order to improve effectiveness.  Evaluation is a healthy spiritual exercise which can bring blessing to us, and help us examine our lives, and be spared from self-deceit, as the Apostle Paul emphasizes in Galatians 6: 3-4.

Not only individuals, but churches and missionary organizations can also benefit from periodic re-evaluation, identifying areas for improvement, and protecting against complacency and barren self-satisfaction. Serving the Lord without regular evaluation can seriously erode effectiveness in ministry.

During our 70th Anniversary year of 2020, we in SGA have had opportunity to evaluate our well -established four-core ministry approach:

Training Workers

Sponsoring Leaders

Publishing Literature

Distributing Aid

Since the countries in which we serve generally have a solid evangelical base with active believers, we believe that logically, culturally, economically, and most important biblically, the practice of investing in and equipping indigenous believers results in productive Gospel advancement.

The disruption caused by Covid-19 has necessitated some temporary practical and logistical changes, but initial concerns expressed about the continuance and maintenance of the work have proved essentially baseless, and we rejoice that Gospel ministry supported by SGA has not merely continued, but expanded in E Europe, C Asia, and Far East Russia.

The Lord is continuing to bless SGA’s four-core ministry pattern.  Praise His Name!

May we all be prepared to evaluate our ministries and pray that we will be ready to move forward with new and more effective methods for Gospel advancement.

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