Life’s Essentials at Last!

Life’s Essentials at Last!

‘With joy we would like to inform you that Christmas food-hygiene parcels available by SGA UK donation, were successfully delivered to logistic points at Donbass, Ukraine. By the grace of God it became possible to do it in such a special time of Christmas celebrations, when Jesus came to this world as a gift to everyone! This fact makes our ministry to bring aid to people in extreme need very special.

On Saturday, December 26, 540 boxes with food and hygiene items (though really survival items) reached Donetsk and Lugansk areas. It took us some time to discuss with local ministers on the box ingredients, to make it as balanced as possible.

Each box (weight about 10 kg) includes:

Sunflower oil, wheat flour, rice, oatmeal, buckwheat, sugar, tea, soap, terry hand towel, toilet paper, candles, matches, dish-washing detergent, and protective masks.

The weather we had that day was very challenging – icy roads and snow made loading and delivering of cargo extremely difficult.  However, praise God, everything was loaded and delivered safely, and we pray that those who receive this aid as a testimony of the unchanging love of our Lord Jesus will come to know Him as their personal Saviour.’


Vladimir and Guennadi [Ukrainian Baptist Humanitarian Projects Department]

Vladimir and Guennadi invite you to join them in prayer that this humanitarian work blessed by God will bring physical relief and spiritual life.