Help for the Needy!

Help for the Needy!

Moldova has been particularly affected by the pandemic.  On top of this are the effects of a serious drought that engulfed parts of the country during last summer.  Sadly, most of the harvest has been lost.

This has resulted in food prices soaring. This winter will be very hard especially for widows and poor families.

Due to the generosity of our partners the Mission has been able to send out extra funds this year to help the widows and the vulnerable in society.

During these days, our team are involved in implementing SGA’s Widows’ Project.  More than 150 widows have already received various kinds of assistance and the team is continuing its work.

Church meetings and small home gatherings where aid is distributed are bringing a lot of joy to people. Those who receive help are either elderly widows who have no family to care for them, or widows who still have children to support.

The Widows’ Project helps with heating, food and medical costs 

Pray that widows young and old will be strengthened in their faith through this act of Christian love and that unconverted widows will come to faith in Christ through this practical Christianity.