First Christmas on the Peaks!

First Christmas on the Peaks!

The following is from Paul Hagelgans [Bibel Mission Director] describing the ‘Joy of Christmas’ project in Pamir, Tajikistan.   

“The team of brothers from Dushanbe left for Pamir in the second week of January. Each day of their trip, I prayed for them several times each day as I received news from them.

I saw them celebrating Christmas with the Pamir folks – and my heart burst with joy!

God’s promise about the Gospel reaching all nations is being fulfilled in our days too!

No, the Pamir folk did not come down from the mountains to the valleys to encounter Christmas.


The Road to Pamir
Hearing & Receiving
Joy of Christmas
Pray for the young people of Central Asia

Overcoming all obstacles and difficulties, the message of the Gospel brought light, warmth and hope to the remote houses of the Pamir people.

250 families were reached! How much joy there was in the eyes of the children and in the faces of the adults – how much gratitude for not being forgotten!

We brought Christmas gifts for them, food supplies for those in need, firewood for the stoves that heat the room in which an entire family lives.

No, they are not forgotten! For the very first time, Christmas has come into their houses! This message means so much to them! It means that God has not forgotten about them!”

Thank you for supporting this special project through SGA – for sharing the ‘Joy of Christmas’ with children!

Pray that the families visited will understand the truth about Christmas and come to know Jesus’ saving power.