Europe’s poorest country needs help!

Europe’s poorest country needs help!

‘Here in Europe’s poorest country, we have no vaccine to argue over’.

This was the heading of an article in the Guardian newspaper underlining the plight of this country.

While western governments were arguing over the distribution of vaccines and pushing ahead with their vaccine programme, this article was pointing out that Moldova, Europe’s poorest country, has not been able to deliver a single jab yet because it cannot afford to buy the vaccine. 

The article goes on to explain that ‘the Moldovan government does not expect to receive its first batch of vaccine before the end of February, and even that timetable is uncertain and fraught with bureaucratic delays’. 

A group of widows receiving aid

Moldova has been particularly affected by the pandemic with its healthcare system overwhelmed. Frontline workers are still waiting for their vaccinations. 

On top of this are the ongoing effects of a serious drought that ravaged parts of the country during last summer, resulting in soaring food prices. This winter is proving to be very hard especially for widows and poor families.

Due to the generosity of our partners the Mission has been able to hugely increase our funding for widows and designate funds for emergency needs.