Airborne at last!

Airborne at last!

Two and a half years ago, it appeared that missionary aviation had already become a reality in Far East Russia.  However, contrary to expectations, operations stalled.  Why?

The annual certification had lapsed on both aircraft resulting in an uphill battle to get the aeroplanes back in the air.  Significant changes were introduced into the federal aviation regulations which meant that practically every part of the aircraft was affected by the changes required in these new regulations.



However, it is thrilling to report that at last, on 25th November 2020, the first aeroplane left the frozen runway, with the many questions of uncertainty addressed and left behind!

With all the legal documentation in order, a decent workshop, and a covering for an aeroplane (hard to call it a hangar), the team is intent on continuing the flights into the winter months. 

They began with shorter flights to familiar airfields and to build up their experience for flights to more remote and difficult areas.

The team is excited that the second aeroplane may be flying very soon.  New regulations kicked in on the 1st January 2021.

Keep the aviation team in your prayers as they seek to assist in the spread of the Gospel in Far East Russia.

Pray that the pilots and all who fly in these aeroplanes will be kept safe and that people groups will hear the Gospel, be converted and churches planted.