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Slavic Gospel Association seeks to equip national Christians across Eastern Europe and Central Asia to reach their own people with the Gospel. This takes many forms and supports many different ministries. The aim of ‘The Gospel on the Move’ is to provide motorbikes and other forms of transport which will enable pastors, evangelists and church planters to reach more people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

the need

Across Eastern Europe there are thousands of towns and villages with no evangelical witness. One of the major obstacles confronting Christian workers is getting to these needy areas. Because of economic problems in their countries, many struggle to buy or run a car. Public transport is unreliable or often non-existent and so men are forced to walk or cycle for hours to isolated, spiritually needy villages.

the aim

The problems of transportation facing pastors and evangelists in Eastern Europe are not merely an inconvenience - it is a great hindrance to effective ministry. However, with your help we can make a difference. The provision of motorbikes (for just £575), or finance to help purchase other vehicles, enables dedicated and gifted men to have more time and opportunity to care for their people and reach others with the Gospel.

the gospel on the move



Vladimir Mikhailovsky

evangelist: Moldova

Vladimir is a missionary and the minister responsible for a village church in Moldova. Currently he walks to this village and two further villages where there is currently no evangelical witness. He is just one among others who would greatly benefit from the provision of a motorbike or other form of transport.

what difference would a motorbike make

The provision of a motorbike would be ideal for Vladimir and would undoubtedly make an enormous contribution to more effective ministry for Christ in his region.



Pastor Yuri Bostan

PASTOR: Moldova

Yuri is a pastor of two churches in northern Moldova. Visiting these churches involves journeys of 20km and almost 100km. SGA recently supplied Yuri with a motorbike.

what difference has a motorbike made

Yuri writes: “The motorbike is very useful as it cuts down my travelling expenses and is very convenient. Before we had our motorbike, we had to hitch a ride or when visiting the nearer church, go by bicycles or walk. I remember when my wife was pregnant and we had to walk in the heat of the day, it was very tiring. But now I am grateful to God and to you for the motorcycle - this is a great help in spreading the Gospel. You do two precious things through this project. You help ministers solve their transport problems and at the same time gather treasure for heaven.”

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From time to time supporters give to special projects, but it could be that the total given exceeds what is required. In such instances, excess funds will be used for other projects unless the donor specifically requests otherwise.

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