Kazakh Bible Project

A special appeal to supply God's Word to 100,000 Kazakh families

Kazakhstan: A Country in Great Need

Kazakhstan is a country in great spiritual need. For over a thousand years the region has been under the influence and power of Islam and while God has His people in this country, the church is small and made up largely of those from a Russian or European background.

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Yet, as in other Muslim countries, God has been working among the Kazakh people. Thirty years ago there were only a handful of ethnic Kazakhs who had turned from the errors of Islam. Today it is estimated that those numbers run into several thousands.

In a real answer to prayer there are now new Kazakh churches, led by Kazakh pastors whose great desire is to reach out to their own people with the Gospel. The task they face is huge. Millions are still enslaved in the errors of Islam and recent Kazakh history presents a very practical obstacle to their Gospel outreach.

A Historical and Cultural Obstacle

Until 1992 Kazakhstan was one of the republics of the Soviet Union. The Russian language was widely used. When the Soviet Union fell, Kazakhstan became an independent country and as part of establishing their identity reintroduced the Kazakh language. As a result the Russian language is today largely seen as a foreign language, and the Russian Bible a foreign book teaching about a Russian God. Believers realised that in order to reach their Kazakh Muslim neighbours they needed a translation of the whole Bible in their native language.

We thank God that in 2010 this was produced for the first time. However, the numbers printed were limited, leaving many still without a copy of God’s Word. In order to address this vital need, SGA is now planning to help in the printing and distribution of Bibles in the Kazakh language.

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The Bible for 100,000 Kazakh Families

Working alongside several international partners, SGA has agreed to be part of an exciting venture that seeks to produce and distribute 100,000 Bibles to Kazakh homes.

Believing that God’s Word is powerful and can bring unbelievers from any background into the light and joy of the Gospel, plans are in place to distribute these Bibles. However, instead of a centralized program of mass distribution, the plan is to mobilize local churches to bring God’s Word to their Kazakh neighbours. Due to the size and structure of Kazakh families, it has been estimated that this project has the potential to reach 1 million people.

Our prayer is that God will use His Word to transform the lives of thousands of Kazakhs and glorify His name in this needy country.

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