Episode 12 – Healing Body & Soul – Sat. 21st March 2020 7am

Episode Overview

This week we hear about the Medical Ministry in Moldova and Ukraine, called “Gospel of Love”. How Christian doctors and nurses visit villages bringing medical help and advice to anyone who needs it, free of charge. At these surgeries, often held in village Churches, the Gospel is always preached first. We also hear about Widows in Central Asia who are struggling to survive day by day. There are no government benefits and for some even their own family have left them destitute because of their faith in Jesus.


Pastor Peter Mihialchuik, Gerhard Friesen

Peter Mihalchuik has been a long term friend of SGA. He now oversees all SGA's work in Moldova. Gerhard Friesen serves with Bibel Mission, a partner of SGA[UK], with a focus on Central Asia.

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